Monday, March 19, 2018

Meredith's Monday Musings: Why I Write Meredith's Monday Musings Posts

Hi All! 

Happy Monday! We’re halfway through March. It’s crazy! And yes, I know that I always say this. Get use to it because no matter how old I get, I’ll never get over how fast time flies by. 

Today’s Meredith’s Monday Musing is all about: Why I do Meredith’s Monday Musings Posts. 

When I started to write these weekly blog posts, I explained why I was going to. However, seeing as it’s been well over a year, possibly approaching two years (I’m not so sure), I wanted to remind everyone why I continue to do these posts. 

The reason why I write these posts are so y’all can admire my extraordinary grammar...HAHAHAHAHA!! I couldn’t write that with a straight face. We all know that my grammar is pretty sad for an author. Hopefully, the content of my posts helps my readers overlook my awful grammar. 

Okay, joking over. The real reason why I continue to write these posts is so that people know I’m not dead. I know countless of blogs that appear to have been abandoned and you don’t know if the author is still writing, gotten a new blog, or even still around. My hope is that if readers come to my blog and see these posts, they realize that I’m still writing, I haven’t abandoned my blog, or gotten a new one. 

So, that’s why I write these fun little posts about my musings. You learn something new everyday, right? 

That’s all that I have for today. Happy Monday! 

Monday, March 12, 2018

Meredith's Monday Musings: St. Patirck's Day

Hi Guys and Gals!

Happy Monday! How are y’all doing? Are you excited for the holiday this upcoming weekend? I am! Just make sure that if you’re going to drink some Irish beer in honor of St. Patrick’s Day that you don’t drink too much. I don’t want any of you to get sick. 

Today’s Meredith’s Monday Musing post is all about: St. Patrick’s Day! 

St. Patrick’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. For one, I’m Irish and since St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland, we Irish love him even more. Here’s some fun facts about St. Patrick. The man wasn’t Irish. He was born in Great Britain, but got kidnapped and enslaved by Irish land lords. He worked for six years before escaping and returning to his home land. He became a priest and went back to the country that had enslaved him to spread Christianity. 

The history of this holiday always fascinates me. I don’t know about y’all, but if I was kidnapped, enslaved, and escaped; there would be no chance that I’d want to go back to the country that held me captive. It would bring back too many bad memories. But, that’s just me. 

Putting the history lesson aside, I also really like this holiday for the dinner that I eat during it. I make a traditional Irish meal of: corn beef, boiled turnips, cabbage, potatoes, and Irish bread. It’s all so delicious. I’m a huge fan of corn beef, but I’m an even bigger fan of corn beef and eggs. (Like ham and eggs, but corn beef instead of the ham). I know this all sounds crazy, but trust me, it’s delicious! 

On top of all of that, I really enjoy the myth of leprechauns. They’re fun little creatures that spread good luck. Who can go wrong with creatures like that? Plus, there are shamrocks everywhere and I like those too. 

That’s all I have for now. I hope that y’all have a happy and safe St. Patrick’s Day. 

Happy Monday! 

Monday, March 5, 2018

Meredith's Monday Musings: Paperback Books vs Kindle Books

Hi All!

Happy Monday! How are y’all doing today? I’m doing great. It’s the beginning of March, so spring should be right around the corner, right? Maybe? Hopefully? Haha!

Today’s Meredith’s Monday Musing post is all about: Paperback books vs Kindle books. 

Which type of book do you prefer to read, paperback books or kindle books? I feel like this is a pretty hot topic amongst readers. 

When I grew up, I loved to read. So, I’ve always been a paperback girl. When Amazon came out with the Kindle, I honestly didn’t think it was going to last. I thought who would be crazy to want to read on a tablet when they could hold the book they were reading in their hands and flip the pages. 

Well, after a few years of the Kindle not going away, I decided to download the app onto my iTouch and give it a try. (I didn’t have a Kindle at the time and I wasn’t going to go out and buy one just to try it out). I was surprised with how much I enjoyed reading off of my iTouch. I could highlight any passages I wanted to remember. If there was a word in the story that I didn’t know the definition to I could just click on it and get the definition. Reading in bed became a lot easier because I could lay down on my stomach and hold my phone and still be comfy. Lastly, and this is probably the best feature is that I could read a kinky book and no one would know it! 

So after years of being a nay-sayer to the Kindle, I suddenly was very for it. For the next year or so, all of the books I read were off of my Kindle app. I went through probably double the amount of books that I would normally read in paperback. (Another advantage of the Kindle, except for my bank account). 

Everything was going great until I went to the library and picked up a paperback book. Call me nostalgic, but having a paperback in my hands again where I could flip the pages, feel the book in my hands, etc brought me back to all of the hours I had spent reading as a kid. It made me wanting to use my Kindle app less and read paperbacks more. 

After going back and forth like this, I finally decided to have the best of both worlds. I will normally get one paperback from the library and purchase one kinky book for my kindle each week. This way, I get the nostalgic feelings of the paperback, while also getting the “tech” and discretion feelings from the Kindle app. It ended up working pretty well. 

That’s all I have for today. Happy Monday!